Friday, 23 March 2012

Baktisiswa Charity Concert 2012 (Day 2)

Director's Speech
Indian Dance
Ballet Dance by Xin Di
Baktisiswa T-shirts Show
Acoustic from Chee Luan, Daniel and Ruth.
Chinese YoYo (Diabolo)
Interaction with Audience
Ballet Dance by Rachel
When Latin meets Street Dance
Malay Dance
Chinese Dance
Acoustic performance by Jiun Hoong, Sue Sien, David Liew and Yin Zhien

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Previous Baktisiswa

Here are some pictures from the previous Baktisiswa...

Baktisiswa 1996

Baktisiswa 2008

Baktisiswa 2010- Logo
Baktisiswa 2011- Car Wash

Baktisiswa Charity Concert 2012

Hey, come and support Charity Concert under Baktisiswa project by UM medical students!!!

This event is held on two days as following:
21/3/2012~ at Dewan Jemerlang, Faculty Of Medicine, UM
22/3/2012~ at Balai Ungku Aziz, Faculty Of Dentistry, UM
There are many interesting and fascinating performances on these two days such as Bollywood Dance, Musical Band, hip-hop, Latin Dance, Modern Dance (by Da Yao UM), Acapella choir group and so on.

Tickets for this concert are priced as following:
RM 5 (student)
RM 10 (public)

If you are interested, please contact Syazana at 012-9755812 or Alvina at 012-4801642. =)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Baktisiswa Sabah 2012

What is Baktisiswa? Well, in short, Baktisiswa is a program where we “Mahasiswa & Mahasiswi” from the MBBS program of University of Malaya go to a somewhat rural “kampung” and offer medical services to the villagers there. We usually offer free medical check-ups, provide free medicine, have ‘gotong-royong’s, exhibition on health and hygiene, “Keluarga Angkat” Programme and many more.

The objectives of Baktisiswa:
-To observe and evaluate the health system of rural society concerned with disease, food, health and health knowledge.
-To expose medical students to the way of life in rural areas so that they will know and realise their responsibilities in the future.
-To give health support to the residents of rural areas so that their health status may be increased.
-To learn about the culture of the bumiputeras of Sabah in addition to encourage integration and unity among the races.

However, to do all these, we will need a substantial amount of money. To raise funds for Baktisiswa this year, we have planned some fund-raising activities such as organising a charity concert and a car-wash, getting some corporate sponsorship and others.

As I mentioned above, organising a charity concert is one of the methods we choose to raise funds for Baktisiswa this year. So, support us! Details on the charity concert are as follows:
Date and Venue:
21/3/2012 (Wednesday) at Dewan Jemerlang, Faculty Of Medicine, UM
22/3/2012 (Thursday) at Balai Ungku Aziz, Faculty Of Dentistry, UM
Time: 8.00pm - 10.30pm
Ticket prices: RM 5 (student)   RM 10 (public)
Contact numbers: 012-9755812 (Syazana) or 012-4801642 (Alvina)

Those who would like to contribute can contact:
Ang Ban Hong (014-2392383) Pengarah
Liew Pui Mun (016-5208293) Sponsorship
Rabiatul Adibah (016-3110610) Sponsorship